Textile manufacturing industry around the globe has become more complex lately due to shorter production rates, rapid turn times, obsolete machinery, etc. With the motto of powering businesses worldwide, Atna Technologies has developed a cross-functional solution for all garment and garment accessory manufacturing and trading businesses. Based on our experiences with leading garment manufacturers, we have ensured that Texsol caters all your business needs.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Texsol can:

Create style gallery & costing and maintain job costing

Manage operations and elements like raw material, finance, payroll, inventory, quality, sales and plant maintenance.

Efficacy at formula management and quality assurance. Highly configurable and easy-to-adapt solution.

Optimize product development by balancing production planning with efficient utilization of equipment

Monitor sampling process with flexible dashboards and tools.

Keep a check on quality management and fight loss of sales

Improve detailed planning and scheduling for faster returns on investments

Raise the level of customer service with trends that change rapidly with the changing environment.

Ease your field service operations along with making enterprise and supply chain management agile

Extra benefit:  Texsol is a role-based application that has the capacity to consolidate all:


Sampling & Purchasing Agent

Production Planner Store

Packaging and Shipment, and

Finance Executive

on one highly configurable platform, streamlining your processes by organizing information from all the areas for improved decision making.

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