Ubiquitously increasing competition is one of the major challenges to pump manufacturing and other liquid transport solution industries around the globe. End-to-end digitization is the need of the hour for traditional pump manufacturers. Atna has created an exclusive solution Ripple, targeted to meet the demands of these businesses. Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, Ripple consolidates your purchase, manufacturing, quality, warehouse, sales and finance, altogether to give you a hassle-free digital environment.

Distinctive attributes offered by Ripple include:

Integrated platform for inventory management, production, testing and calibration, finance

Reliability, productivity and performance maintenance

Compatibility with specialized CAE and CAM software to cover the design process effectively from preliminary sizing through final design, with full fluid dynamics, mechanical stress, and vibration analysis taken into consideration.

Facilitate early detection and prevention of problems like corrosion

Streamlined supply chain management and tracking of quality issues

Integration of test-results with production output for ultimate customer satisfaction and accelerated sales

Material visibility across internal locations and sub-contractors, optimizing the entire process leading to quality output

Smart equipment choices for the most complex machinery requirements

Add-on feature:

Enjoy secure finance management (with GST), with the integrated E-way Bill portal on-board.

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