Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (Enterprise Edition) is a Microsoft ERP system for medium to large businesses.

We assure our clients the best out of the system features and let them:

Deliver robust reporting and facilitate better mobility of the data
Increase profitability with business intelligence
Run smarter operations by optimizing production planning, scheduling, operations, and cost management.
Automate and modernize your supply chain with advanced stock management
Ignite innovation in your functioning and services with a scalable platform
Integrate finance and operations with customer relation management for agile operations

Finances are the most crucial and delicate part of any company’s working and thus, most clients are extremely reluctant about letting it out to the software. But Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations can monitor the company’s finances at any level, from executives to project managers. Personalized dashboards help in monitoring prime performance statistics.

Quick capture and approval of project time and expenditures allows easy and fast cash flow and reduces days’ sales outstanding (DSO). Flexible budgeting and accounting tools have made some of our top clients achieve financial security and profitability in their organisation. For global companies with varied tax liabilities, the product’s compatibility with Vertex, Avalara, CCH, and other tax services has proved to be beneficial. Being functional over various currencies, legislation’s and company processing, the product is very popular among top multinational organizations.

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